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Guidance for Funded Investigators

NIH Public Policy

All ORIP grantees are required to make the peer-reviewed articles that ORIP funds publicly available on PubMed Central. For guidance on how to comply with this requirement, go to NIH Public Access Policy.

Carryover Requests

Grantees that do not have automatic carryover authority to request permission to use unobligated prior year grant funds in a current budget period may submit a Carryover Request. For more information, see ORIP Carryover Requests: Policy and Procedures.

RPPR Instructions

Introduction and Rationale

The NIH requires the use of the electronic Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) for all annual progress reports. Transition to the RPPR provides an opportunity to standardize information reported by Resources funded by the Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP) regarding capabilities and progress. High quality information provided by our grantees is important for ORIP both to evaluate progress and to justify and maintain a robust portfolio of Resources.

ORIP understands that Resources vary in regard to size, capabilities and the nature of the research community that they serve. Our intent is not to compare and contrast Resources. Rather, it is to collect data that will justify supporting any given Resource. We thank, in advance, Resource staff for the time and effort that will be required for these reports.

Please note the following:

  • The information requested below, with suggested tabular formats, is not meant to replace the narrative sections of the RPPR. Grantees should still include, among others, narratives regarding specific aims, progress and plans for the upcoming grant period within the RPPR, in addition to the information requested below.
  • All data requested in this document are for the Reporting Period covered by the annual progress report.
  • We cannot require a specific format for this information, but provide suggested formats, to clarify the data being requested
  • We expect that standardizing the RPPR across all Resources will be an iterative process, involving collaboration and communication between ORIP and our grantees. Please do your best to provide the data as requested below. We realize that some Resources may not be able to collect all of the data requested. Contact the Program Officer for your grant with problems, questions or comments.

See below for your specific grant mechanism and program:

Instructions for P51
Instructions for P40 and R24 that distribute animals, strains or other materials
Instructions for U24 and U42 - SPF Macaque Colonies
Instructions for U42 - Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Centers (MMRRC)
Instructions for U54 - Pilot Centers for Precision Disease Modeling