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FAQ P40 Curation and Informatics Component

ORIP recently published a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), RFA-OD-23-001 Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers (P40) (Clinical Trials Not-Allowed), which continues support for the P40 Center program. A related notice, NOT-OD-23-068 Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Revision Applications to Add a Curation and Informatics Component to Existing Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers (P40) (Clinical Trials Not Allowed), was also published. New to the FOA is that Centers will be required to have a Curation and Informatics component. ORIP also encourages current grantees not yet scheduled for renewal to apply via a revision application to add this component to their current project period.

ORIP staff conducted an informational webinar on the NOSI: Revision Applications to Add a Curation and Informatics Component to Existing Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers (P40) on Wednesday, February 28, 2023, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.


Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers provide support for special colonies of laboratory animals, as well as other resources such as informatics tools, reagents, biological materials (cells, tissues, and organs), and genetic stocks that serve the biomedical research community in a variety of research areas on a local, regional, and national basis. The Division of Program Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives, ORIP encourages current Centers supported by P40 grants awarded under RFA-OD-20-002 or PAR-17-006 that have not yet applied for a P40 competitive renewal application under RFA-OD-23-001 to submit a revision application to add a Curation and Informatics component to existing Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers (P40) as a Curation and Informatics component is a requirement in RFA-OD-23-001. The supplement will provide support to currently funded Centers for a Curation and Informatics component to develop and maintain in-house data management systems, curate stocks of animals and biomaterials, and maintain a searchable web portal with an integrated community-friendly request/ordering system and outreach presentations. 


When putting together a renewal application that includes this curation component, will a separate budget be needed, or will all be built into the primary budget and just indicate what portion is for curation and informatics in the explanation?
The instructions in the P40 renewal application for the Curation and Informatics Component contain a separate chapter with its own budget and justifications. ORIP provides a maximum amount for this new component.
What is the structure of the grant submissions?
Per the NOSI instructions, the same form used for P40 renewal applications is used to submit the revision application. The requirements for the Curation and Informatics Component are detailed in RFA-OD-23-001, and the section in the application for that component can be no more than six pages. Further details can be accessed in the NIH Guidance on Revision Application Submissions. Revisions should have at least two sections: Overall and New Component. If any other components will be affected or modified by the addition of the new component, they should be included.
Is it correct that exemption from the 5 percent increase limit means we can apply for more if the scientific merit justifies it at time of renewal?
The 5 percent increase limit refers to all existing components of the grant. The new Curation and Informatics Component will have its own budget limitation. Applicants cannot go beyond 5 percent for anything else beyond this specific component.
Will the new section be scored?
The full application will be scored, and the new section (Curation and Informatics Component) will receive a merit descriptor according to the criteria described in the parent funding opportunity announcement, RFA-OD-23-001. The revision application will be discussed at the ORIP Resource Special Emphasis Panel (commonly called SEP) Study Section.
With this new component, the percentage of overall expenses paid from program income will likely drop for many Centers. Is it safe to assume that a decrease in reliance on program income associated with the addition of this component is acceptable?
Yes, decreases in income can be a reasonable assumption initially. Program income that become available may be redirected to improve other Center activities. As the function of the Centers improves and more investigators are attracted to those websites for information, ORIP anticipates that these activities will increase curation eventually. ORIP also assumes that applicants will resolve outstanding expenses in the future.
What if the principal investigators already submitted the renewal and received a fundable score to renew in 2024. Can this wait until the next funding period?
Although no absolute requirement exists at this time, principal investigators (PIs) are encouraged to take advantage of this additional budget to support these important activities (curation and informatics), especially if they are not already funded. The assumption is that applications are submitted within the FOA time periods specified; however, it is up to the applicants to decide. PIs who are renewing their grants in 2024 but have already submitted the application under the previous FOA (RFA-OD-20-002) should wait for the outcome of a review, funding decision, or Notice of Award, after which, PIs should consider applying for a revision to add the Curation and Informatics Component.
Do all future P40 grant renewals require the curation component?