Individual Training Grants

Scientists experienced in veterinary medicine contribute important expertise to animal, molecular, and genomic studies leading to translational research that benefits human health. ORIP's Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) offers career development support for individuals with DVM or Ph.D. degrees as well as predoctoral veterinary students.

ORIP career development programs are described below. Prospective applicants are advised to review these descriptions and, if interested, to obtain further information from the following sources:

  • The relevant Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) originally published in the NIH Guide
  • The relevant Program Guidelines

Applications should be relevant to a specific, funded program. It is strongly recommended that applicants contact the Scientific Program Contact identified within the FOA (listed under Program Contacts) before preparing or submitting an application.

NIH also offers Career Development K Awards. For more information, visit the NIH K Kiosk.

Individuals with DVM Degrees

Depending on the level of experience at the time of application, and the desired outcome, veterinarians may be interested in K01 or K99/R00 grants:

Special Emphasis Research Career Award (SERCA) in Pathology and Comparative Medicine (K01)

Supports graduate veterinarians with research experience to become independent biomedical investigators. Read the SERCA Guidelines.

NIH Pathway to Independence (PI) Award (K99/R00)

Provides opportunities for post-doctoral scientists to receive both mentored and independent research support from the same award. Potential K99/R00 applicants should consult with the relevant Scientific Program Contact before applying for this grant.

Alternatively, researchers may be interested in applying to an existing Postdoctoral T32 Training Program.

Predoctoral Veterinary Students

Veterinary students wishing to gain research experience should check to see if their institution has an existing Summer T35 Training Program or a Predoctoral T32 Training Program.