Informatics, Coordination and Service Center for the Mutant Mouse Resource & Research Centers

Grant Number: U42 OD010983

Research Emphasis/Objectives

The Informatics, Coordination and Service Center (ICSC) is located at the University of California, Davis, and serves as the centralized support center for the MMRRC (Mutant Mouse Resource & Research Centers) consortium. 

Services Provided

The ICSC is responsible for providing bioinformatics, website functionality and maintenance, strain acquisition, coordination and curation, and customer service to support the MMRRC Centers.

Contact Information

c/o Mouse Biology Program
University of California, Davis
2795 Second Street, Suite 400
Davis, CA 95618

Principal Investigator

Ian Korf, Ph.D.
Phone: 530-757-5710
Fax: 530-757-3284

Strain Acquisition Coordinator

Customer Service

Phone: 800-910-2291 (North America) or 530-757-5710 (International)
Fax: (530) 757-3284

Last updated: 09-07-2021