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S10 Instrumentation Programs: Awards

Use the table below to view the S10 Instrumentation awards made by ORIP from 2014 to 2021. The table can be sorted by clicking on individual headings.

Year Grant Number PI Name Title Instrument Type Institution State Award ($)
2021 S10OD030256 John Kurhanewicz High Field MRI for 1H Multiparametric and Multinuclear Imaging Biomedical Imagers Univ. Of California, San Francisco CA $2,000,000
2021 S10OD030369 Jared Auclair Microscale Thermophoresis Molecular Interaction Systems Northeastern Univ. MA $368,431
2021 S10OD030374 Alexander B. Taylor Upgrade of Macromolecular X-ray Diffraction System Diffraction Instruments Univ. Of Texas Hlth Science Center TX $438,512
2021 S10OD030410 Agnieszka Witkiewicz Digital Spatial Profiler Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp NY $295,000
2021 S10OD030234 Pierre-Gilles Henry Motion correction system for 7T Terra Biomedical Imagers Univ. Of Minnesota MN $143,992
2021 S10OD030343 Edwin Antony Optima Analytical Ultracentrifuge Molecular Interaction Systems Saint Louis Univ. MO $514,651
2021 S10OD028585 Karen N. Allen Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction System Diffraction Instruments Boston Univ. (Charles River Campus) MA $560,675
2021 S10OD028735 M Douglas Benson Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscope Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Texas A&M Univ. Health Science Ctr TX $829,138
2021 S10OD028621 Rick Robert Layman Photon Counting Detector MicroCT Biomedical Imagers Univ. Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr TX $585,000
2021 S10OD030490 Neela H. Yennawar Wyatt SEC-MALS system Molecular Interaction Systems Pennsylvania State Univ.-Univ Park PA $272,702
2021 S10OD030394 Kevin P. Battaile Eiger2 XE 9M detector Diffraction Instruments New York Structural Biology Center NY $1,794,700
2021 S10OD030315 Andrea Soranno Combined single-molecule fluorescence confocal and dual-trap optical tweezers Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Washington Univ. MO $600,000
2021 S10OD028456 Brian D. Ross NHD Permetium Multimodal Imaging System Biomedical Imagers Univ. Of Michigan At Ann Arbor MI $600,000
2021 S10OD030341 Christopher L. Colbert Analytical ultracentrifuge with absorbance and interference optics Molecular Interaction Systems North Dakota State Univ. ND $384,354
2021 S10OD030388 Thomas B. Thompson Glacios 200 kV cryogenic transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM) EM Univ. Of Cincinnati OH $2,000,000
2021 S10OD030404 Judith L. Yanowitz Leica STELLARIS Confocal Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Magee-Women'S Res Inst And Foundation PA $496,935
2021 S10OD030499 Christopher A. Flask PET Insert for Preclinical PET-MRI Biomedical Imagers Case Western Reserve Univ. OH $412,892
2021 S10OD030413 Kushol Gupta Beckman-Coulter Optima Analytical Ultracentrifuge Molecular Interaction Systems Univ. Of Pennsylvania PA $470,954
2021 S10OD030309 Scott Andrew Payne 120kV Transmission Electron Microscope EM North Dakota State Univ. ND $574,004
2021 S10OD030354 Amber L. Alhadeff Leica STELLARIS 5 Confocal Microscope Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Monell Chemical Senses Center PA $399,020