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R24 Equipment Program

In fiscal year 2021, ORIP introduced the R24 Equipment Program to support the acquisition and installation of modern research-supporting equipment to enhance the operations and protocols in biomedical research facilities. Core facilities, animal research facilities, and other similar shared-use facilities are spaces targeted by this program. Any request for equipment through this program must be justified by the research-related demands of the shared-use facility. Requests for multiple units of the same equipment, if justified, are allowed within the budgetary requirements of the funding opportunity announcement. This program does not support the acquisition of scientific instruments that directly produce scientific data and/or research-essential materials. These instruments can be requested through ORIP’s S10 Instrumentation Programs.

The R24 Equipment Program will issue awards to only domestic academic (public and private) and nonprofit institutions for 1 year. Equipment awarded through this program should provide long-term (5+ years) benefits to the research infrastructure and operations of the proposed shared-use space in the applicant institution.

Examples of equipment supported by the R24 Equipment Program include, but are not limited to, animal research–supporting equipment (e.g., modern ventilated cages for rodents, automated feeding systems, tunnel washers, environmental management devices, telemetry and other electronic systems for management of animal colonies) and biomedical research supporting equipment (e.g., autoclaves/sterilizers, cryogenic gas recovery/recycling systems, 3D printers, automated cell processing equipment, glass washers, fume hoods, high-speed centrifuges, freezers, biosafety cabinets).

For more information on the R24 program, view the R24 Modern Equipment Program Fact Sheet.

The following are active Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs):

PAR-24-167 “Utilizing Equipment to Study Environmental Extrinsic Factors and Enhance Rigor and Reproducibility of Animal Research (R24, Clinical Trials Not-Allowed)"

  • Receipt date: September 25, 2024
  • Budget: Up to $400,000 in direct costs only
  • Earliest start date: July 2025

PAR-24-028 “Modern Equipment for Shared-use Biomedical Research Facilities: Advancing Research-Related Operations (R24 Clinical Trials Not Allowed)"

  • Receipt date: November 15, 2023
  • Budget: $50,000–$350,000 in direct costs only
  • Earliest start date: July 2024