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Mutant Mouse Resource & Research Centers

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The Mutant Mouse Resource & Research Centers (MMRRC) is NIH’s premier national mouse repository that consists of four Centers (University of California, Davis; University of Missouri; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and The Jackson Laboratory) and one Informatics, Coordination and Service Center (ICSC). The Centers provide the worldwide biomedical research community with access to more than 50,000 strains of mutant mice and embyonic stem cells. With one of the largest nonprofit repositories of mouse models in the world, the MMRRC distributes and archives models to advance the biomedical research efforts of the scientific research community. Each month through partnerships with researchers around the world, the MMRRC enhances critical research with a continuously expanding catalog of mouse models of human disease. To learn more about the individual MMRRC Centers or how to donate a mouse model, please visit the links below.

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