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Ambystoma Genetic Stock Center

Grant Number: P40OD019794 

Ambystoma Genetic Stock Center collageResearch Emphasis/Objectives

The Ambystoma Genetic Stock Center (AGSC) maintains and distributes axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) salamander stocks and supplies in support of biological research and education throughout the United States and abroad. The AGSC axolotl population traces its ancestry back to 1863, the deepest pedigree of any laboratory animal. Most notably, axolotls are studied because they are unique among vertebrates in being able to regenerate numerous tissues and body parts. Additionally, the AGSC serves as an informatics hub where investigators obtain information about axolotl biology, husbandry, technical procedures, potential collaborators, and research findings.

Services Provided


The AGSC maintains widely used living stocks, including mutants and transgenics, and imports genetic strains that are most likely to impact current and future research efforts. Axolotl embryos and larvae are readily available; adult axolotls are available in limited numbers. Investigators are encouraged to visit the AGSC website to view available stocks and place orders. Upon request, AGSC staff can create custom, genetic stocks and fill orders for larger numbers of juveniles and adults.


Axolotl husbandry supplies are available for purchase, including food, salts, and bowls to rear axolotls. Also, axolotl kits and aquaria are available to support educational activities and exhibit axolotls in public learning displays.

Contact Information

S. Randal Voss, Ph.D., Principal Investigator and Director
Laura Muzinic, M.Sc., Associate Director
Chris Muzinic, RALAT, Curator

Ambystoma Genetic Stock Center
University of Kentucky
741 S. Limestone Street, BBSRB B443
Lexington, KY 40536
Phone: 859-257-9888