Shared and High-End Instrumentation Awards

Year Grant Number PI Name Title Instrument Type Institution State Award ($)
2017 S10OD023409 Gregory A. Hawkins Perkin Elmer Sciclone G3 NGSx Workstation for High Throughput Sequencing Library Preparation Cell-level Analysis Instruments & Robotic Platforms Wake Forest University Health Sciences NC $234,425
2017 S10OD023547 Adeeb Habibur Rahman Helios Mass Cytometer Cell Sorters Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai NY $667,329
2017 S10OD021641 Kirk C. Hansen Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer Mass Spectrometers University of Colorado Denver CO $600,000
2017 S10OD023703 Christopher D. Morrison Sable Systems Promethion for Mouse Metabolic Analysis Radiology, Surgery, & Monitoring Instruments LSU Pennington Biomedical Research Ctr LA $625,835
2017 S10OD023410 Sherry L. Thornton SH800 Cell Sorter Cell Sorters Cincinnati Childrens Hosp Med Ctr OH $318,039
2017 S10OD023552 Masaya Takahashi Avance III HD (AV3) Console Biomedical Imagers UT Southwestern Medical Center TX $600,000
2017 S10OD021644 Thomas E. Cheatham From Genomics to Natural Language Processing: A Protected Environment for Research Computing in the Health Science Computers & Data Storage University of Utah UT $493,595
2017 S10OD023413 Peter G. Barr-Gillespie Octet Red384 Molecular Interaction Systems Oregon Health & Science University OR $317,890
2017 S10OD023553 Laura Davidson Brown UV-visible HPLC with PCX Pinnacle Post Column Reaction Module Molecular Interaction Systems University of Colorado Denver CO $98,036
2017 S10OD021649 Todd Kuiken Advanced PolyJet Multimaterial 3D Printer Cell-level Analysis Instruments & Robotic Platforms Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago IL $374,300
2017 S10OD023423 Adriana Heguy The PacBio Sequel for Single Molecule, Real-Time, Long Read Sequencing Sequencers & PCR Instruments New York University School of Medicine NY $350,000
2017 S10OD023557 Radoslav Goldman Orbitrap Fusion Lumos ETD Mass Spectrometers Georgetown University DC $1,088,814
2017 S10OD021669 Paul M. Lieberman PerkinElmer IVIS SpectrumCT Imaging System Biomedical Imagers Wistar Institute PA $579,346
2017 S10OD023432 Jun Qin 600 MHz NMR Console Upgrade and Installation of TCI-F Cold-Probe at the Cleveland Center for Membrane and Structural Biology NMRs, EPRs, & other Spectrometers Cleveland Clinic Lerner COM-CRWU OH $366,560
2017 S10OD023561 John Vanmeter Prisma Upgrade for a Siemens 3T MRI Scanner Biomedical Imagers Georgetown University DC $1,313,766
2017 S10OD021685 Katherine J. Luby-Phelps TEM for UT Southwestern Electron Microscopy Core Facility EM UT Southwestern Medical Center TX $397,990
2017 S10OD023436 Belinda Belle Willard High-End Instrumentation (HEI) Grant Program (S10) Mass Spectrometers Cleveland Clinic Lerner COM-CRWU OH $873,016
2017 S10OD023569 Daniel A. Llano An Upright Multiphoton Microscope for Biomedical Research Applications Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign IL $770,546
2017 S10OD021690 Norman C. Y. Lee MicroScale Thermophoresis Instrument for Life Sciences Molecular Interaction Systems Boston University (Charles River Campus) MA $136,700
2017 S10OD023438 Aaron J. Trask Asylum Research MFP-3D-BIO Atomic Force Microscope Molecular Interaction Systems Research Inst Nationwide Children's Hosp OH $315,591
2017 S10OD023573 Charles Dennis Smith Essential Siemens Prisma Fit Upgrade For the University of Kentucky 3T Research Scanner Biomedical Imagers University of Kentucky KY $813,375
2017 S10OD021704 Joshua Zachary Rappoport Biostation CT (Cell Tracker) Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Northwestern University at Chicago IL $361,956
2017 S10OD023452 Somalee Datta Computational Appliance: A Supercomputer for Modern Biomedical Research Computers & Data Storage Stanford University CA $600,000
2017 S10OD023576 Krishna Rajarathnam Malvern MicroCal PEAQ Isothermal Titration Calorimeter Molecular Interaction Systems University of Texas Med Br Galveston TX $120,350
2017 S10OD021717 Meredith Emily Kennedy Calvert Automated Slide Scanner with Brightfield and Fluorescence for Stereology, FISH and Brain Connectivity Mapping Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments J. David Gladstone Institutes CA $264,796
2017 S10OD023453 Sebastien Boutet High-End X-Ray Detector System for Femtosecond Crystallography Diffraction Instruments Stanford University CA $1,720,000
2017 S10OD023579 Armando J. Mendez Olympus VS120 Fluorescence and Brightfield Slide Scanner for High-Throughput Image Acquisition at the University of Miami Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments University of Miami School of Medicine FL $223,045
2017 S10OD021719 Rick L. Tarleton Imaging Flow Cytometer 2016 Cell Sorters University of Georgia GA $453,750
2017 S10OD023454 Thomas J. Grabowski Philips Achieva Upgrade to Support Connectome-Compatible Data Acquisition Biomedical Imagers University of Washington WA $600,000
2017 S10OD023580 Joseph J. H. Ackerman GE SPINLAB Hyperpolarization Unit For Preclinical Imaging Biomedical Imagers Washington University MO $1,950,000
2017 S10OD021723 John S. Lazo Operetta CLS High-Content Imaging System Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments University of Virginia VA $516,040
2017 S10OD023457 Mohan Natarajan Multiuser Image-Guided Small Animal X-Ray Platform Radiology, Surgery, & Monitoring Instruments University of Texas Hlth Science Center TX $576,200
2017 S10OD021726 Joanna R. Long Advanced 3T for Structural and Functional Imaging at University of Florida Biomedical Imagers University of Florida FL $2,000,000
2017 S10OD023461 Robbert J. Creton SEM for Serial Block-Face Imaging EM Brown University RI $790,587
2017 S10OD021743 Peter G. Smith High Throughput Sequencing System for KUMC Genomics Core Sequencers & PCR Instruments University of Kansas Medical Center KS $492,750
2017 S10OD023466 Rebecca M. Williams A Light Sheet Microscope for the Cornell BRC Imaging Facility Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Cornell University NY $364,071
2017 S10OD023582 Jane Elizabeth Jackman Typhoon FLA9500 Biomedical Imager Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Ohio State University OH $144,191
2017 S10OD021745 Thomas J. Royston Hyperpolarized Gas System for Lung MR Imaging Biomedical Imagers University of Illinois at Chicago IL $479,745
2017 S10OD023469 Rui Chen High Throughput Genomic Sequencer at BCM Core Facility Sequencers & PCR Instruments Baylor College of Medicine TX $600,000
2017 S10OD023584 Todd O. Yeates Stopped-Flow Spectrometer Molecular Interaction Systems University of California Los Angeles CA $105,866
2017 S10OD021750 Andrew Patterson Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribid Mass Spectrometer to Accelerate Metabolite Identification and Pathway Analysis Mass Spectrometers Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park PA $965,525
2017 S10OD023472 Susumu Mori Upgrade of Vertical 11.7T MR Scanner Biomedical Imagers Johns Hopkins University MD $597,983
2017 S10OD023586 David W. Speicher Q Exactive HF Mass Spectrometer System for Metabolomics Mass Spectrometers Wistar Institute PA $600,000
2017 S10OD021753 Andrew J. Morris Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer System Mass Spectrometers University of Kentucky KY $352,381
2017 S10OD023476 Justin M. Kollman Acquisition of a High Resolution, High Throughput Cryo-Electron Microscope EM University of Washington WA $2,000,000
2017 S10OD023587 Darcy S. Peterka A Multi-Wavelength Lighsheet Microscope for Volumetric Imaging Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Columbia University Health Sciences NY $235,783
2017 S10OD021756 Martin K. Safo X-ray Crystallographic Data Collection System Diffraction Instruments Virginia Commonwealth University VA $600,000
2017 S10OD021758 Kari B. Basso Q Exactive HF Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers University of Florida FL $599,950
2017 S10OD023481 Angela M. Gronenborn A Low Volume Isothermal Titration Calorimeter for Structure-Function Studies of Biological Macromolecules Molecular Interaction Systems University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh PA $126,600
2017 S10OD023591 Nicholas E. Baker Advanced Confocal Microscope in a Multi-User Facility Optical Microscopes & Related Instruments Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Inc NY $590,440