National Center for Chimpanzee Care


The primary objective is to provide care for chimpanzees previously used in biomedical research. No active invasive research is conducted on the site. Relevant research projects that benefit chimpanzee health, productivity, and well-being may be pursued.


Develop and improve techniques of captive management and investigate behavioral factors influencing improvements in the husbandry and well-being of chimpanzees.

The colony is housed in eight 4,500-square-foot outdoor corrals in multiple-male family groups. The APF provides for the long-term care and husbandry of chimpanzees that have been used in biomedical research. Charles River Laboratories Inc. operates the facility under contract with the National Institutes of Health.

Biological Materials

Tissues and body fluids are available when coordinated with preventive health care procedures.

Contact Information

Bastrop, TX 78602

Last updated: 06-27-2023