Institutional Research Training Grants

ORIP offers Institutional Research Training Grants to encourage veterinarians to consider a career in biomedical research. Awards are made directly to veterinary schools and other research institutions that are in a position to provide advanced training in comparative medicine or comparative pathology.

The grant programs are described below. Prospective applicants are advised to review these descriptions and, if interested, to obtain further information from the following sources:

Applications should be relevant to DCM program areas.

Postdoctoral Programs for Veterinarians (T32)

These grant programs train highly qualified veterinarians for research careers in biomedical areas related to comparative medicine. This training may be incorporated into the requirements for a research degree program. The research accomplished under this training program should provide the trainee with the necessary tools to successfully compete for independent grant funding (often a K01 or K99). Stipends are provided according to the NRSA schedule. See current awards.

Summer Programs for Veterinary Students (T35)

These grants provide research training experiences for selected veterinary students for periods of 2-3 months. The objective is to attract highly qualified veterinary students to biomedical and biobehavioral research careers. They are intended to provide research experiences to students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to gain such experience. Trainee stipends are provided according to the NRSA schedule. Grants may be requested for up to 5 years and are renewable. See current awards.

For further information about these grants and guidance in preparing an application, please contact the Health Scientist Administrator who serves as the contact point for training programs.

Last updated: 06-09-2022